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1. Initial Consultation

Each job starts with a phone call or email to the office. Our office staff will ask you a few questions about your project prior to scheduling an estimator to evaluate the project.

2. On-Site Meeting

Once a bid meeting has been scheduled, a JV Lucas Estimator will come out to meet with you and evaluate your asphalt needs. Our estimator will give you a detailed outline of what to expect for your upcoming project.

3. Sending a Bid

Once the on-site meeting is complete, our estimator will generate a bid using our online project management system. A detailed description of the job will be presented with pictures of the site.  Clients are encouraged to contact our sales team if they have follow-up questions or concerns.

4. Scheduling a Project

Once you accept the bid, a member of our team will send a DocuSign copy of the bid for signature. Once signed, our scheduling coordinator will reach out to discuss potential project start dates.

5. On-Site Work

Our crews typically start around 7:00 AM each day unless instructed otherwise. If barricades and signage are required for the project, a member of our crew will post them 72 hours prior to the start date.  

The team will start by setting up traffic control if need be and then will begin to prepare the site.  The on-site process will vary depending on the type of project.  Our bids detail each step of the project from start to finish.

6. Project Completion

Upon completion of any project, our crew foreman will walk the job with the client to make sure everything was completed to the satisfaction of both the client and our team. The crew will not leave until all project details are met. Once the client is satisfied with the work, an invoice will be sent.

7. Caring for Your Asphalt

JV Lucas Paving, Inc. recommends all clients sealcoat their new asphalt 1-2 years after completion and then every 4 years thereafter. Sealcoating your asphalt will extend the life of your asphalt surface as well as give it a fresh look every few years.



JV Lucas Paving, Inc. stands confidently behind our work; as a result, we offer one of the strongest warranties of any Bay Area paving company. We offer a three-year limited warranty for all remove and replace projects and a one-year warranty for overlay projects. Our warranty guarantees the quality of our materials and workmanship. Any of our work that fails within the warranty time frame will be addressed accordingly. It is important to note that any asphalt repairs will be visible.

JV Lucas Paving does not offer a warranty on patch paving repairs that are surrounded by damaged asphalt.

JV Lucas Paving offers a 30-day warranty for sealcoat projects. Large cracks often will re-open at the surface and are excluded in the warranty. This warranty does not cover damage due to tire marks, water damage due to sprinklers left on, or people walking across the wet sealcoat surface.

All warranties are subject to the following conditions:

Warranties do not cover damage caused by the impact or exposure to any foreign substance or mistreatment of a newly paved area such as dumpster truck damage, scuff marks from large vehicles, and oil or gas spills. Acts of nature that can cause damage to the pavement are not covered under warranty. Acts of nature include ground movement, drought, or compaction of the soil and tree root damage.

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Superb workmanship, excellent crew direction and thoroughness one could have performed. This company is most worthy of recommendation to others who wish to have a road repair done.

– Nando O., San Ramon, CA

I highly recommend this company. Excellent job and great guys. Very professional.

– G R., Lafayette, CA

Great seal coat job as always. Our parking lot looks great! Best quality job we have ever gotten.

– Bill W., Martinez, CA

Lucas Paving was professional, fast and has outstanding customer service. My paving needs will always go to Lucas and I recommend anyone looking for paving work to give them a call.

– Mark L., Pleasant Hill, CA

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