Testimonials from some of our happy customers

Helena A.


Lucas Paving recently did our shared driveway/road. We had put off this project for several years, as we had been very stressed out about taking it on for several reasons, which I won't belabor in my YELP review.

Paving a road is very expensive and very stressful. Often, agreements and negotiations have to be made with your neighbors. If anything goes wrong, not only will you suffer, but also you will suffer the wrath of your neighbors. And once your road has been torn up, there is no going back- so you better have real professionals handling the job. I cannot say enough about Lucas Paving. They come in with the GIANT equipment (several trucks and dozers), a full highly skilled crew, and then they systematically, efficiently, and skillfully pound the job out.

The owner is on site overseeing the job, he communicates directly with you, and even gets on the steamroller himself. The crew worked unbelievably hard and were incredibly neat and efficient. The new street was finished in record time, it is beautiful and the neighborhood was cleaned up before they left.

Lucas Paving made a very stressful project as stress free as possible. We are thrilled with their work.

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Mark L.

Pleasant Hill, CA

I didn't give a review until now because I wanted to see how the new driveway held up over time. Back in Oct 2011 we wanted to create a new driveway across the front of our house where there was just shrubs, weeds and a sloping hillside. I got estimates from three companies but I felt the most comfortable with Lucas Paving. The owner (Jim) came out and even offered to rip out a long row of junipers for me while the equipment was there. The junipers didn't need to be cleared for the new driveway but I mentioned I was planning on taking them out so he offered to rip them out for me at no expense. How many companies would do that? On the day of the job I couldn't believe the amount of people and equipment that arrived for the job. It was incredible to watch, no one stood around, they all worked their butts off. It was precision work, the clearing of debris and old walkways, the grading for the new driveway and then the laying of the base material and asphalt. It really was fascinating to watch the transformation and how quickly they did it.

The owner (Jim) was there on the day of the job, jumping on the tractor, directing employees, a real hands-on owner. Jim kept in contact with me during the process ensuring the slope and width was to my satisfaction. Jim was initially concerned how stable one corner of the driveway would be where there was a steep drop off so he really packed down the base material on that side. I couldn't believe how fast they transformed a weed grown slope into a beautiful length-of-the-house driveway. They cleaned up after themselves and made sure I was happy. It was a pleasant surprise to work with a company that had so much customer service. And the driveway has help up wonderful so far.  

Also, other companies I got quotes from told me I would have had to seal the driveway right away, another expense. But Jim told me that wasn't necessary and to wait 6 months to a year and then seal it. That proved to me Jim wasn't just trying to make a quick buck; he really cared about his customers and told them the truth.

Lucas Paving was professional, fast and has outstanding customer service. My paving needs will always go to Lucas and I recommend anyone looking for paving work to give them a call.

 Nando o.

San Ramon, CA

On Aug 11,2012 at about 1:00 PM,  Jim Lucas Paving company crew, of Lafayette, was here to do a  asphalt repair job.  

After a year and 2 months of waiting,  Mr. Lucas and crew did a fantastic, incredible repair job to our untrained eye.

The needed repair due to circumstances of failing original work, the crew foreman with approval from the boss decided to actually make good on the total section and replaced the whole bloody thing.

Based on our untrained eye, this was, during the hottest part of the day, the most intense replacement with attention to details one could experience right along with intense heat on this very very hot day.

Superb workmanship, excellent crew direction and thoroughness one could have performed.

This company is most worthy of recommendation to others who wish to have a road repair done.

Although the weather was extremely hot, the crew was very courteous, friendly, and sociable.  They answered questions freely with plenty of information to satisfy anyone.

An excellent company if one is in need of some asphalt work in and around their home or even work place.

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Bill W.

Martinez, CA

Great seal coat job as always. Our parkinglot looks great! Best quality job we have ever gotten. Parking lot was over 40 years old.

 G R.

Lafayette, CA

I contracted with JV Lucas to remove my current asphalt driveway and replace it with new asphalt.  They arrived on time like a Navy Seal Team. Immediately everyone knew what to do and how to do it.  The men and equipment worked all day excavating and contouring my property and when they left, the driveway was beautiful.  They hauled away everything and cleaned up after the project.  I highly recommend this company.  Excellent job and great guys. Very professional.

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 Ali B.

Concord, CA

We had Lucas Paving resurface our long, fairly steep, shared driveway off of Reliez Valley Road a few months ago and my neighbors and I were beyond happy with the outcome. It makes the difference of night and day - we love it. The crew were courteous, friendly, and the whole process went without a hitch. They worked fast, efficiently and we were only unable to drive on it for 2 days... Very noninvasive to our lives! I would highly recommend their services - Jim was fabulous. Their prices were commensurate with the quality of the product and service. I had one area which had always drained poorly in rain, and they re-cambered it to allow the water to simply run directly down the storm drain, for the first time in probably 30 years!

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