To Our Loyal Customers

After four decades of serving our community with JV Lucas Paving, Shari and I are ready to slow down and spend more time with our family. We are excited to announce that Lafayette natives Anthony and Al Perez have purchased JV Lucas Paving, and will be carrying on our legacy. Although the decision to sell our company was incredibly difficult, selling to the Perez brothers was not. We are confident that they will uphold our reputation, and continue to serve the community in the same way we have.

Nearly forty years ago, Shari and I started JV Lucas Paving with nothing more than a wheelbarrow, shovel, and a few brochures. We poured our heart and soul into this business; Shari went door to door passing our flyers while I began building the team of workers I now consider to be part of my family. Here we are nearly forty years later, and JV Lucas Paving has become one of the most well-known paving companies in the Bay Area!

Approaching Anthony Perez with the prospect of purchasing JV Lucas Paving was one of the easiest decisions I've ever made. He's no stranger to hard work. While building his company, Bay Cities Demolition and Concrete, Anthony and I worked together on many jobs over the past few years. When I first met him, I saw so much of my younger self. When deciding to sell, I thought of him instantly. He was one of the few people I knew I could trust with my not only my company's reputation, but I knew I could count on him to serve my clients well, and treat my employees with the same care and respect Shari and I have.

During our initial conversations, Anthony insisted that he introduce us to his brother Al. Although Al didn't have a background in construction, Anthony knew he would be the perfect addition to the company because of his success in his previous business ventures. After meeting him, and seeing the way these brothers worked so well together, Shari and I knew this would be the perfect fit. As of January 1, 2019 the two of them are officially the new owners of JV Lucas Paving.

Although under new ownership, the day to day operations of JV Lucas Paving will remain the same. I will continue to work with the company, but as an employee rather than the owner. I plan to be here for the next four years working with the boys to ensure a smooth transition, but may stay even longer. I will always be involved in the company in some way, shape, or form.

I want to thank everyone for your years of loyalty and support. JV Lucas Paving has given me such a wonderful way to serve my community, provide for my family, and enjoy life. Shari and I are very  much looking forward to this next step in our journey.

Jim & Shari Lucas