How Bay Area Utilities and Municipalities are Managing Paving Projects

When utility suppliers like Contra Costa Water District need to start an asphalt pavement job with JV Lucas Paving, an online client portal and project management application makes the process fast, easy, and efficient.

Imagine taking the work and time out of bidding new asphalt jobs, accepting estimates, scheduling work, and tracking the status of multiple projects at once.

 JV Lucas did just that and created an online project management web application to make work easier, faster, more efficient, and more affordable for their clients.

Utility districts, municipalities, state and public agencies, education districts, and non-profit organizations are a few of the entities that may have multiple asphalt paving projects underway in a single year.

Some may even have multiple projects underway at the same time.

And anyone who's ever had to submit, sign, schedule, and track multiple projects knows it can take a lot of time, effort, and resources to manage.

JV Lucas reimagined the process from their clients' perspective and decided a web application would be the perfect solution to make it easier for their Bay Area clients to get work done.


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An Efficient Digital Solution to Managing Paving Projects

JV Lucas Paving's online project management system utilizes the most up-to-date technology in order to generate timely estimates, track job status, and keep track of scheduling and all other moving parts of an asphalt paving project.

The system allows for better communication between clients and the entire JV Lucas Paving team. Estimators are able to generate bids from the field and immediately share them with office staff for review. An automated workflow moves the project from one phase to the next, so you don't lose valuable time. 

The system streamlines project operations, providing clients with the highest quality of customer service and most efficient way to get the work done.

If you've ever had to commit time and resources to managing paving contractors in the Bay Area, then it's time to work smarter (not harder) with JV Lucas.

A Safer, Socially Distant Way to Manage Paving Projects

JV Lucas Paving's digital online client portal and project management system not only allows utility and municipalities to work smarter, it also allows them to work safer.

In today's COVID world, contactless work can help with social distancing and the safety of your staff.

By moving all of the parts and pieces of managing a project online into a safe, secure digital web application, JV Lucas is also protecting their clients from unnecessary contact with various staff members.

Digitally accept an estimate with an online Docusign signature, and your job will automatically move into scheduling. There are no delays while estimates are delivered, no faxing, and no in-person signing requirements.

Does that mean all of your interactions are with your computer, rather than a real-life paving contractor?

Absolutely not.

Instead of separating you from the team at JV Lucas, our online project management system actually gives you even better access to our team of paving professionals.

Find out just how efficient, convenient, and safe it can be to do business with JV Lucas Paving. It's no wonder that Bay Area utilities and municipalities have trusted JV Lucas Paving for nearly 70 years.

Seven decades of serving the Bay Area. The latest technology to get the job done, faster, more efficiently, and more conveniently for our clients. That's the JV Lucas difference.

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