Driveway Landscaping Inspiration for a Cooler Yard

If you're looking for your next home improvement project, start with your front yard. Did you know that updating your driveway landscaping can do more than just make your home more beautiful? It can also help the environment and help keep your whole neighborhood cooler. The overabundance of concrete in an urban environment tends to make neighborhoods hotter. Adding some plant life to your driveway and yard can make a real environmental impact.

Whether you're looking to replace your lawn or just touch up your driveway paving, paying extra attention to your front yard makes your outdoor spaces more inviting and comfortable.

Beautify Your Driveway Landscaping While You Fight Urban Heat Islands

If you're replacing your lawn or redoing your driveway, paving things over with a coat of asphalt can seem like a simple solution. While choosing a great paving company is a key first step, pavement alone can be hot. So hot, in fact, it has a real environmental impact.

Urban heat islands are common in cities. The lack of vegetation and abundance of concrete in an urban area makes them hotter, causing higher summer energy demand, contributing to greenhouse gas emissions, and increasing the odds of heat-related illness.

Luckily, there's an easy way to do your part to reduce this effect while adding color and curb appeal to your home: invest in some elegant front yard landscaping! Enriching your beautiful new asphalt driveway with vegetation can help make your backyard, and your whole neighborhood, cooler on those hot afternoons. Here are a few ways to get started.

JV Lucas Paving - Shade Trees

Make A Statement With Shade Trees
Lining your driveway with beautiful shade trees adds elegance to the front of your home for a striking impression. It also has the added benefits of noise reduction and keeps your home cooler, saving money on that AC bill.

Add Textures With Some Ground Cover
Looking to break the mold with your driveway? Add a little greenery for a modern look by using square cement pads lined with grass or other ground covers instead of a traditional driveway.

JV Lucas Paving - Flowers

Keep Things Eco-Friendly With Native Plants
The California Bay Area is home to a wealth of native plant life. This beautiful, local greenery can help you stay cool while spending time in your front yard, while also being great for local wildlife. Everyone wins.

Try adding planters or flower beds along the sides of your driveway or the walkway up to your home. Popular local options include manzanita and iris plants, or maple and oak trees for shade. Discover your favorite local blooms.

Take Good Care of Your Driveway
The best landscaping in town will look out of place next to a cracked, unsightly driveway. Make sure you work with a great contractor and invest in a seal coat to maintain your asphalt's appearance and quality!

Ready to get started on your front yard remodel? Get in touch with the team at JV Lucas Paving for a free consultation.