Is My Parking Lot Required to Be ADA Compliant?

An ADA compliance lawsuit can be a costly headache that haunts your business for months. It's imperative that you know how to keep your company in compliance, from the moment guests arrive on the property. That means ensuring your parking lot follows all California state and federal accessibility regulations. Learn how you can tell if your parking lot needs to be ADA compliant

What Types of Parking Lot Need to Be Accessible?

Most Lots Must Be Accessible in California

Most Bay Area parking lots will need to comply with ADA accessibility standards. This is because all businesses with a parking lot, even those that don't serve the public, must comply with accessible design standards. This includes private companies, nonprofits, and charities. These requirements also apply to your employee parking lots.

These rules aren't limited to permanent, paved lots either. They also include temporary parking lots or unpaved lots, such as gravel, dirt, or grass lots. Even in these unpaved lots parking spaces and access aisles must be marked and have firm, stable, slip-resistant surfaces. 

Notable Exceptions

There are some exceptions for lots that aren't accessed by the public. Parking lots used for buses, trucks, delivery vehicles, law enforcement, or impound lots aren't required to include accessible spaces if they aren't accessed by the public. When such lots have public access, they must provide accessible loading zones.

Small lots with four or fewer spaces must have accessible spaces, but these spaces don't need to be signed and anyone can park in them, with or without a placard. Other accessibility requirements still apply, such as sizing requirements and access aisles.

Likewise, at residential facilities, identification of accessible spaces is not required when those spaces are assigned to specific dwelling units. However, other accessibility requirements still apply.

Finally, accessible parking isn't required where no other parking is provided or where no parking is intended.

Navigating the California Bay Area’s accessibility requirements can be complex. The best way to ensure your business is in compliance is with a professional consultation. The team at JV Lucas can evaluate your space and provide any needed restriping or paving services. Schedule your consultation.