5 Tips for Paving Project Management

Is your parking lot more pothole than pavement? Searching for the right contractor to complete road work in your facility? Most businesses will need to deal with the occasional paving project to keep their properties up-to-date and looking polished.

If you're managing a paving project, a few tips can help you budget and manage the work appropriately so that your asphalt looks professional for years to come.

5 Paving Project Management Tips

#1: Get a Consultation First
A reputable contractor can help you determine what work needs to be done to get your pavement in top shape. It's important to schedule a consultation before committing to a project so that you can benefit from their expertise. If you're looking for quotes to patch one part of your pavement, but the issue is more widespread than that and you need repaving work done, you could spend more money fixing the issue in the long run. A consultation can also help you uncover issues you may not have thought of, like ADA compliance problems.

#2: Hone Your Budget
You likely went into your project with an idea of your budget and timeline. However, after your consultation, it's important to revisit that estimate and determine more exact numbers. As you work with your contractor to finalize a budget for the project, make sure that plan includes long-term maintenance and repairs as well.

#3: Choose the Right Contractor
If you're working with a smaller budget, it's tempting to simply pick the lowest quoted price. This approach can cost you in the long run, however, as expensive change orders pop up. These change orders can impact both your budget and timeline.

To prevent future issues, check your contractor's referrals, license, and their past projects to make sure you're working with a reputable business.

#4: Streamline Communication With Technology
Staying in touch with your contractor is paramount to your project's success, helping you keep tabs on your budget and timeline. However, if you're juggling multiple projects at once that can get time-consuming.

Get a simple way to check in on multiple projects, get estimates, schedule work, and track statuses with JV Lucas's project management application. This solution is ideal for utilities, municipalities, state or public agencies, or other entities that may have multiple paving projects in a single year.

#5: Invest in Proactive Maintenance
The work doesn't stop when this project wraps up. To keep your pavement in top shape and prevent future expenses, plan for proactive, long-term maintenance. At a minimum, reseal your pavement every three to five years depending on the climate you're in and how much traffic your asphalt sees. Resealing protects it from gas and oil spills, oxidation, and de-icing chemicals.

Other forms of maintenance, such as patch paving, asphalt removal and replacement, or asphalt overlay, should be done as needed to address any issues.

Ready to get your pavement back in working order? JV Lucas Paving can work with you to determine the best approach to your paving project and help determine a maintenance plan. Schedule your consultation today.