California Reopening Is the Ideal Time for Parking Lot Maintenance

On June 15th California's pandemic restrictions were lifted, and throughout the state life is returning to normal. For many businesses, this means increased traffic and much-needed revenue.

With the California Bay Area slowly returning to business-as-usual, now is the perfect time to ensure your lot is updated and in compliance, before traffic returns to pre-pandemic levels.

Updating Your Parking Lot for California's Reopening

#1: Make Sure Your Lot is Accessible and Up-to-Code
The first thing to evaluate before life returns to normal is your ADA compliance. Ensure that you're welcoming customers and guests back to a parking area that's completely up to code -- the costs of an ADA violation are steep, up to $75,000 for your first violation. The last thing you want to deal with after reopening is a costly fine or lawsuit.

Ensure you're meeting both ADA and California requirements such as:

  • Have the appropriate number of spaces for your lot size
  • Locate accessible parking near an accessible entrance
  • Have proper signage
  • Make sure your accessible parking spots are the appropriate size

#2: Touch Up Fading Lines
The lines in your lot fade with both time and traffic. During the pandemic, low traffic may have made restriping a lower priority. Now that California is reopening, however, it's time for a fresh coat of paint.

Invest in restriping -- it can improve your lot's appearance and organization. It's also an important part of ADA compliance, as accessibility requirements are calculated based on the number of spaces your lot has.

#3: Repair Potholes and Cracks
Basic maintenance such as filling in potholes and cracks may also have been overlooked thanks to low traffic during the pandemic. However, a crack or pothole can easily become a hazard for your customers, and could even spread to cause further damage.

Take a moment to fill in cracks and potholes that have been left for the past year.

#4: Plan Out Larger Projects
Are you due for fresh sealcoating, or are you struggling with more widespread parking lot damage, requiring an asphalt overlay or even a complete removal and replacement? Get your larger repairs on the books now to avoid disrupting guests with a large maintenance project once businesses are more crowded.

An updated parking lot is a great way to enhance your company's curb appeal and draw in traffic, and there's no better time to have parking lot maintenance done than now.

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