How Contra Costa Water District is Managing Their Paving Jobs

Juggling a large number of paving projects simultaneously can create a headache of unorganized email chains and confusing work orders. Having a sound way to organize and streamline your workflow is crucial, particularly for large municipalities and corporations.

Learn how Contra Costa Water District, a JV Lucas client, uses our client portal to manage their paving projects to make it simple and efficient to complete their projects in this interview with Contra Costa Water District.

Client Spotlight: Contra Costa Water District

Contra Costa Water District has worked with JV Lucas for nearly a year and a half. In an average year, the utility completes between 150 and 180 paving projects. Jake Wallin of Contra Costa Water District spoke with the JV Lucas Paving team to share how the JV Lucas online client portal has transformed their project management workflows for a more efficient, easier process.

What was your workflow like prior to the client portal?

It was dysfunctional. We were tracking work requests and completions. We had internal spreadsheets, we'd share emails with the other vendors, and would have to track the emails for invoices. A lot fell through the cracks, especially on what the status of these jobs was.

The clear difference with the client portal is that once the work request is in there, it's in there until the status is completed, so we can reference notes and any other information that is shared.

Would you say the client portal has made your job easier? 

A good portion of time [before] was spent tracking the status [of projects]. Finding out what has been submitted, where does it go, and all of the details.

Before, with an email format, I was limited by file size, so I couldn't group 30 requests in one package, I had to do them in usually about 5 at a time due to the sharing of photos, etc. Sharing two photos of one project would really take up space. This means multiple chances for errors and things to fall through the cracks. 

The portal consolidates jobs into one spot, and we're not limited by size. We can add details, attach photos, permits, special conditions, and traffic control plans. The ability to attach multiple things with one system is definitely a benefit. 

The really valuable aspect [of the client portal] is the job cost estimate. We can put in sizes and conditions of that job and it creates cost estimates instantly. I can then put those in our budget spreadsheet so that I have an estimate up front. Before I would have to wait for quotes or invoices to come through. 

What would you say to an organization considering working with JV Lucas? 

Try to stay with the current trend of technology. Especially in the construction trade where, historically, you’re usually dealing with people that are behind the times. They’re used to paper work order systems...  For organizations that are looking to leverage technology, JV Lucas is leading in that aspect. 

Knowing our organization and many others, [JV Lucas] lands perfectly within the administrative world of supervision and management teams who handle admin, invoicing, budgeting, etc., as well as, of course, doing good quality field work.

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