Your Ultimate California Exterior Home Maintenance Checklist

Many California homeowners know the feeling -- during a winter storm the gutter overflows and sends a cascade of water all across the sidewalk, or you're cleaning your kid's chalk drawings off the driveway only to discover a spider web of cracks in the asphalt.

Weather can take a serious toll on our home's exterior, and homes in the California Bay Area often need unique maintenance considerations thanks to the area’s hot summers and rainy winters. Discover a season-by-season guide to exterior home maintenance in the Golden State.

A California Homeowner's Year-Round Outdoor Home Maintenance Guide


Clean up your yard. With the weather warming up, it's the perfect time to clean up leaves, dead plants, and old mulch to make room for new spring landscaping.

Add new mulch. Spring is the perfect time to put down new mulch for your landscaping. Mulch can help prevent moisture loss, helping your plants survive a hot, dry California summer.

Reseed the lawn. If you have grass, take the time to reseed it if needed in the spring to get it back up to top shape.

Inspect the deck and walkways. Warm weather will have your household spending more time outside. Take the time to check your decks and walkways for any boards or stones that should be repaired or replaced and look for other damage.

Check the roof. Winter storms can be hard on your roof. Take the time to inspect yours for damage and clear any leaves and debris off.

Touch up failing paint. If your paint is chipped or peeling, now is the time to make repairs.


Make any driveway repairs. Summer is the perfect time to make driveway repairs while the weather isn't rainy. Inspect your asphalt and have any damage repaired, and apply new sealcoating if need be.

Check the caulking. Ensuring that your windows and doors are properly sealed keeps your air conditioning inside and any creepy crawlies outside.

Call pest control. Speaking of creepy crawlies, the warm summer months can bring cockroaches and other pests inside. Make an appointment with pest control, if need be.

Use your sprinklers efficiently. The summer heat can make your lawn look parched. Confirm that your sprinkler schedule is set to use water efficiently, and make sure you don’t have any leaks or other issues.

Get the pool ready. Have the pool cleaned and make sure you're ready for a swim on those 100+ degree days.

Clean off the grill. Uncover and scrub down your grill for summer barbecue season!!


Clean your gutters. Before the rainy season begins again, clean any debris out of your gutters.

Check the roof. Prepare for winter by checking your roof for damage and debris, and have the chimney inspected if applicable.

Check the caulking. As we move into winter, check your windows and doors to ensure they're watertight and will keep the winter chill out.


Winterize the swimming pool. While in Northern California you may not need to completely drain your pool in the winter. Instead, focus on maintaining the chemical balance for your winter pool maintenance.

Inspect and maintain nearby trees. You can help safeguard your home against winter storms by trimming any necessary branches and checking to ensure the tree looks to be in good health.

Test exterior lights. As the days get shorter, take the time to make sure your porch and driveway lights are in good working order.

Address drainage issues. This will help avoid pooling water or flooding that can damage your driveway or home.

Adjust your sprinkler system's timer. Now that it's raining more, adjust your sprinklers to avoid wasting water.

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