Public Works Spotlight: East Bay Municipal Utility District

JV Lucas and East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) are paving the way for Bay Area residents as they collaborate on a public works project. See JV Lucas at work in your community.

EBMUD Water Pipeline Replacement Program

In the East Bay, 4,200 miles of pipeline delivers high-quality water underneath neighborhoods and busy streets. This water nourishes 1.4 million East Bay customers.

Many of the pipes have been in use for 50 years or longer. EBMUD's pipeline replacement program focuses on pipelines that are near the end of their useful life.

After EBMUD replaces a pipeline, a temporary asphalt overlay is applied. That's where JV Lucas comes in, making sure the roads above are as new and sturdy as the pipelines that lie beneath.

Paving the Way for Pipeline Replacement in the East Bay

JV Lucas has completed public works projects for EBMUD for over 30 years and knows exactly what to expect from a pipeline replacement project.

"I believe that one reason we consistently win bids with EBMUD -- other than our familiarity with the projects -- is our streamlined online project management system," says Al Perez, co-owner of JV Lucas. "Having all of the job info and documents in one place makes it easy for everyone involved to get up-to-date and accurate project status."

The JV Lucas client portal: project management made easy

JV Lucas has invested in an online client portal technology to power public works projects like EBMUD's water pipeline replacement. The JV Lucas client portal streamlines and organizes the entire project lifecycle from start to finish, allowing for more efficient, transparent work.

How the client portal works

Every JV Lucas job begins with an estimate. The prospective client uses the client portal to provide job specs and get an instant online estimate. If an onsite estimate is needed, the client portal scheduling tool will create an event.

The client portal integrates with third-party software apps. A DocuSign integration allows clients to accept and sign off on an estimate in real-time without sending paperwork back and forth. A ClockShark integration provides paperless job management. Every time anyone makes headway on a job they can update its stage accordingly, from planning to scheduling to working to complete. Employees who are active on the same job will be able to see right away what was done and what needs to be done next.

Giving clients the control to submit work requests, get cost estimates, sign documents, and track project status through the JV Lucas client portal streamlines the process from start to finish.

For municipalities like EBMUD that are keeping track of multiple projects at one time, the client portal makes project management easier and faster.

JV Lucas is proud to be a part of this important public works project, ensuring that clean water and drivable roads continue to be available to residents and businesses in East Bay cities like Oakland and Berkeley.

To learn more about JV Lucas' public works projects in the Bay Area, visit our Public Works page and request a quote for your next project.