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JV Lucas Paving has been providing asphalt paving services to San Francisco for over 70 years. No matter where you’re at in the Bay Area, our team of professionals can take care of your residential, commercial, and municipal paving needs.


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San Francisco Asphalt Paving Services

If you’ve got asphalt in San Francisco, our team can help you maintain, repair, replace, or renew it. From driveways to roadways, parking lots, subdivisions, sports courts, and more, if you’ve got asphalt in San Francisco, you can trust JV Lucas Paving to take care of it.

Removal & Replacement

JV Lucas Paving | Removal and Replacement

When you need a full asphalt removal and replacement in San Francisco, you can trust JV Lucas Paving to do the job. When repairs, overlays, or resurfacing isn’t an option, JV Lucas Paving can remove and replace your asphalt professionally.

Crack Filling

JV Lucas Paving | Crack Filling

When you need asphalt crack filling for your San Francisco asphalt driveways, parking lots, and sports courts, JV Lucas Paving Paving can help fill the cracks and restore your asphalt to a smooth surface.

Asphalt Overlay

JV Lucas Paving | Asphalt Overlay

JV Lucas Paving offers asphalt overlay services for San Francisco. When your asphalt driveway or parking lot needs more than a simple repair, an overlay could be the answer. Asphalt overlays use your existing asphalt as the foundation for new pavement.

Patch Paving

JV Lucas Paving | Patch Paving

JV Lucas Paving offers patch paving services for San Francisco. Parking lots, driveways, or roadways can be damaged over time, resulting in potholes and large cracks. A patch paving service can remove and replace damaged areas.

ADA Approved

JV Lucas Paving | ADA Services

Ensure your San Francisco parking lot is ADA compliant and avoid costly lawsuits. JV Lucas has helped North Bay landlords, commercial property owners, business owners, and municipalities put ADA compliant parking lots in place to ensure accessibility.


JV Lucas Paving | Sealcoating

JV Lucas Paving offers asphalt sealcoating and crack filling services in San Francisco. Sealcoating is an important part of asphalt maintenance and can extend the life of your asphalt driveway, parking lot, or roadway to last for years, or even decades, to come.

Asphalt Paving for San Francisco

Our team of professional asphalt contractors can help you with all of your asphalt paving, repair, and maintenance needs in San Francisco and beyond. We service driveways, roadways, parking lots, sports courts, and more asphalt surfaces.

Superb workmanship, excellent crew direction and thoroughness one could have performed. This company is most worthy of recommendation to others who wish to have a road repair done.

– Nando O., San Ramon, CA

I highly recommend this company. Excellent job and great guys. Very professional.

– G R., Lafayette, CA

Great seal coat job as always. Our parking lot looks great! Best quality job we have ever gotten.

– Bill W., Martinez, CA

Lucas Paving was professional, fast and has outstanding customer service. My paving needs will always go to Lucas and I recommend anyone looking for paving work to give them a call.

– Mark L., Pleasant Hill, CA

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