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An asphalt surface will develop cracks, potholes, and other damaged areas over time. Eventually, you'll notice that some areas are in good structural condition while others have been damaged. Repairing these issues promptly prevents the need for larger repairs. 

Asphalt patch paving is an ideal solution for small or large areas of asphalt that have been damaged, particularly in parking lots and roadways. Patch paving removes the damaged asphalt to replace it with new asphalt, prolonging the life of your pavement.


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How Do You Patch Asphalt?

Damaged areas of your lot or roadway can be patched by removing and replacing that section with new asphalt. This can help address structural issues without needing to repair the whole area of asphalt.

Asphalt patch paving works by carefully repairing the damaged sections by: 

  • Removing any remaining asphalt in the failing section.
  • Repaving the asphalt with patch filler. Hot asphalt patching, a technique used only by professional contractors, is applied to achieve a higher-quality, more permanent fix.

How Long Does an Asphalt Patch Take to Dry?

Asphalt hot patches dry relatively quickly. It takes approximately 24 hours for a hot asphalt patch to harden to a point where you can drive on it again.

Can You Patch Asphalt With Concrete or Cold Patch Asphalt?

It may be tempting to attempt to find a cheaper solution by applying a cold asphalt patch or even concrete to damaged areas, but this can cause more problems down the road.

Asphalt should be patched with the same material as the rest of the surface, so concrete or other materials are not advised. A concrete patch can reduce the integrity of your asphalt since concrete is more rigid. Furthermore, if there is any dirt on the damaged asphalt, the concrete patch may not adhere properly. 

Cold patching is a different technique used to apply an asphalt patch. Some homeowners choose a cold patch because it can be easier to do yourself, but this is usually considered a temporary solution compared to hot patching.

For best results or extensive damage, hot patching with a professional contractor is your best option.

What Are the Benefits of Professional Patch Paving?

Using a professional asphalt contractor such as JV Lucas Paving for your asphalt patching is the best way to get a quality patch and maintain the integrity of your pavement.

This is because asphalt hot patching is a technique that can only be performed by professional contractors. Hot patching material is handled at extremely high temperatures, which allows us to achieve a longer-lasting, more even patch. This can be especially beneficial for larger potholes, multiple damaged areas, and other major issues.


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